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Customer Relationship Management

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Business Processes Optimized - Data Consolidation

In today’s fast paced, rapidly changing business world, your customer plays a pivotal role in the long-term success of your business. Lose a customer and you can lose your business; satisfy a customer and your get referrals andIntegrated CRM and ERP referrals are the most effective way to build an unmatchable customer base and build profitability.

ResQ Enterprise™ is a software solution that can help you manage your critical business processes to obtain this goal. ResQ Enterprise™ combines both Customer Relationship Management and Enterprise Resource Planning functionality in one solution to centralize your business processes and information.

ResQ is a solution targeted for the mid-market enterprise and is quite capable of much larger growth. ResQ has industrial strength providing exceptional performance even with databases that are many Gigabytes in size, having millions of records, containing all your valuable company information.

ResQ Enterprise™ includes and combines Sales Automation, Service Dispatch, Financials, Inventory control, Document Management, Order Fulfillment, Quoting, Routing and Scheduling and many more components to help you run your business effectively. ResQ is also available on a per module basis allowing customers to pick and choose the systems they require now and in the future. Implementation processes vary depending on your integration needs and data conversion requirements. A full discovery is always undertaken to ensure that all aspects of the project are understood by Open Solutions' staff as well as by the customer management team.

OSI views Customer Relationship Management as a business strategy intertwined with business processes, not just as software or technology. The basic principles of CRM involve: Aligning the organization around customers (rather than products or channels), sharing information across all aspects of the business, leveraging data from disparate sources to better understand the customer and anticipate their needs to maximize customer loyalty and profitability.

This CRM strategy includes marketing automation, sales-force automation, customer contact-center technologies, and customer service components. ResQ Enterprise™ is designed to optimize these processes to enhance the customer experience.


Business Process AutomationEnhanced customer experiences result in long-term customer relationships. 

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) functions like the ones found in ResQ, create interactive environments designed to help companies manage and analyze the business processes associated with warehousing and moving goods. These include inventory control, asset management, order processing and accounting to name just a few.

At the epicenter of ResQ Enterprise™ is the centralization and organization of information; the key to any efficient business. ResQ provides everyone, employees and staff alike, with quality, up-to-date information that empowers them to make informed decisions and to work at an optimal level. With a holistic view of the customer and your business, ResQ Enterprise™ provides unprecedented communication across departments, branches and even international locations. 

It's this concept of the integration of various business practices on one platform, at a reasonable investment that sets ResQ Enterprise™ apart. After company takeovers or downsizing initiatives, many IT managers are faced with heterogeneous systems that run on different hardware platforms, use different network protocols, or have different database structures. A global solution like ResQ Enterprise™ is so appealing because it ends the nightmare of building bridges between such disparate systems. That alone is the most compelling reason to go with a ResQ Enterprise™ solution.

ResQ Enterprise™ will evolve with the customer; freeing them from the barriers that prevent creative corporate development. Few companies can match the responsiveness, the value and the quality of OSI solutions. Tell us what your CRM goals are and we'll design a solution to close the gap and get you there.

Quality software, a quality team and a focus on long term customer commitment and satisfaction; that is what you are buying with ResQ Enterprise™ . Just ask our customers, some of whom have experienced over 40% annual growth after improving customer relationships and improving business processes with ResQ!




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"The best thing we ever did was go with OSI for our CRM and ERP solutions. They really took the time to know our business and their software design reflects this.

They have been providing us with customized solutions for four years now and there is no end in site, as their software is allowing us to grow at a spectacular rate. We are now processing over 50,000 service calls per month and managing over 500 field technicians with our ResQ software

Peter Regnier Efmark


You Said It.

Hi OSI, We just wanted to send you a quick note to say that we would have
been lost in our take over
of Collett if it were not for ResQ. We were just commenting this morning in our operations meeting on how lost we would be without it. We consider ourselves very fortunate to be running this program and we just thought you should know that.

Thanks again,

Kate Mckay ETS.NET V.P.

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CRM Pins Big Hopes on Small Biz
By Lou Hirsh
August 05, 2002